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Voice Radio is powered by Change in our World, Inc. is a local nonprofit, founded in and servicing Union County. Our mission is to empower our community to prevent suicide through awareness, socialization, and training, by creating relationships, finding wholeness, and strengthening others. Our vision is to see our communities fighting for the future of our young people, and our young people actively participating in our communities.

Rebecca Brendle is the founder and CEO of Change in our World, Inc., and also the local youth pastor of New Song South. She holds an accounting degree, and will graduate with a Christian Counseling and Caregiving degree from Oral Roberts University in less than a year. With a passion for training, helping, and motivating young people, she was led to begin outreach through Change and now Voice Radio.

Voice Radio is a ministry partner of Breakout Prayer Network. You can listen to BPN on Voice Radio every day! Dale Gentry hosts morning faith declarations every morning at 6am, 8am, and 10am. Dale Gentry has been in ministry over 50 years, calling America to pray. He pioneered internet radio, beginning in 2015 with www.BPNRadio.com. Prayer is Dale Gentry’s passion and he is currently mobilizing a million people to pray for revival in America, another spiritual awakening. Dale has been a prayer leader since 1967 and has been calling America to pray since 1985. His prayer influence not only includes America, but many other nations of the world where he has traveled. Dale has led prayer at the White House and many other geographical locations. His prophetic word in England in 1997 has resulted in prayer rooms being started in 125 nations of the world. Dale desires to see churches across America return to the place of prayer, plus houses of prayer started across this land. He is a messenger of hope. 

Eric Moore has preached primarily throughout the United States and South America, Africa, India, and specifically on dozens of Native Reservations in the Americas. His draw to Native Americans is in his blood, being a direct Cherokee descendant.  He believes that the land cries out to learn their true heritage as children of the most High God, Yahweh.  The life-giving Gospel message of Jesus Christ is specifically meant in this time to be shared with the First People.  And finally that, the Holy Spirit, is THE SPIRIT that empowers Believers to use their gifts and fulfill their destinies. Check out more of his ministry work on his page here: www.facebook.com/iserveoutreachinternational

Alex McFarland spends his time ministering to younger generations. He challenges listeners to be more knowledgeable about their faith, and even takes time debating those who are not yet believers. His station, Truth for a New Generation, broadcasts truth regularly to encourage and educate young people. He also teaches parents how to work with the younger generations. Alex McFarland is a speaker, author, and advocate for Christian apologetics. He has preached in more than 2,200 churches, and has spoken in all 50 U.S. states as well as internationally. Alex has been interviewed by top Christian and secular media outlets about topics from a biblical worldview reasoning. Check out his website at www.alexmcfarland.com

ROC (Rock of Christ) are a great group of men, spreading the gospel through their music. The Rock Of Christ Band (R.O.C.) is a Christian Rock band formed in 1991 by founding member and songwriter Gary Kitchens. We are four Christian musicians from the metro Atlanta, GA area. R.O.C. is Gary Kitchens - guitar, vocals; Kenny Sirmans - guitar, vocals; Doyle Gentry - bass, vocals; and Ron Smith - drums, vocals. Mike Sirmans has provided production, engineering and technical assistance to support the band's activities since 1997. R.O.C. believes that the ageless good news of Jesus Christ can be shared through the sound of today's rock and classic rock music. Check out their songs  www.reverbnation.com/therockofchristbandroc

Jayna Jennings is a wonderful artist who supports Change in our World, Inc regularly! She performs at events, promotes our work, and stays in contact despite living hours away. Only two percent of the population are redheads, and Jayna Jennings makes music as unique as her hair. Jayna welcome you into her world with her emotive, moving, and relatable songwriting. All 9 songs on ‘Courtyards & Aviaries, Pt. 1,'  an album penned by Jennings, have received worldwide radio airplay. As host of #UnsignedChat and Showcase with Jayna Jennings, Jayna is an avid supporter of other musicians and has enjoyed promoting new music from passionate artists. Jayna's mission is to spread a message of hope, and this spirit is showcased on her newest album, 'Courtyards & Aviaries, Pt. 2.' She recently received the Americana/Folk/Bluegrass vocalist of the year award in the Josie Awards, the largest, Independent Music Industry Award show! Follow her on various platforms to support her work! www.jaynajennings.net